Shingle Springs Community Information

The history of Shingle Springs is one of boom, bust, boom. When gold was discovered in the area in the early 1850s, people rushed to stake their claim. As claims failed, the miners moved on, but cattle ranchers and farmers saw the value in these hills and continued to support the area. The first post office was established on February 3, 1853, the first general store in 1865. In 1866, the Sacramento Valley Railroad was extended to Shingle Springs. As a railroad terminus, the town boomed with trains and stages departing daily. It became one of the busiest business centers in the Golden State. But in 1867, the railroad found a new route through Auburn. Some area residents moved on, but many decided to stay and establish Shingle Springs as a permanent community. On May 11, 1865, the name was changed to Shingle. It stayed that way until 1955, when it again became Shingle Springs. Today the city is once again experiencing prosperity as resident seek a simpler way of life.

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